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Muddy Paws Play and Stay offers a unique and engaging environment for dogs, ensuring they enjoy their time away from home. Our facility is designed to provide free-range play for your beloved pets, allowing them to socialize and exercise in a safe and supervised setting.

Key Features:

  • All-Day Indoor-Outdoor Play: Dogs have unrestricted access to our spacious outdoor play yard and indoor play areas throughout the day, promoting continuous physical activity and social interaction regardless of the weather.

  • Individual Attention and Small Play Groups: For dogs who are not friendly with other dogs, we provide one-on-one time with our staff members. Additionally, we create small groupings of dogs who play with "select friends" to ensure safe and appropriate play for those who thrive in smaller social settings.

  • Overnight Boarding: For dogs who need to stay overnight, we provide comfortable suites equipped with raised cots, offering a cozy place to rest after a day full of play.

At Muddy Paws Play and Stay, your dog's well-being and happiness are our top priorities.

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