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Muddy Paws Play + Stay Services

Please note that all services not scheduled 24 hours in advance will have a $5 drop-in fee added to them.


Dog Daycare

Open style play group for dogs that have passed their temperament test. A full day of daycare is anything over 4 hours and is $35. For any additional sibling dog, daycare will cost $30 per dog. A half day of daycare is anything 4 hours or less and is $25. We do have packages available for daycare which offer a discount (10 day and 5 day).


Dog Boarding

Each dog is provided with a comfortable suite that includes a raised cot, food, and water. Owners are welcome to bring their own food, toys, blankets, and beds to make their pets feel more at home. The overnight boarding fee is $20 per dog per night. Additionally, we administer medications and provide necessary feeding accessories, such as bowls, slow feeders, and measuring cups. For pets requiring wet or refrigerated food, we have a refrigerator available. NutriSource Lamb & Rice is also available as house food for $2.50 per meal. Siblings are welcome to share a room.


Dog Grooming

  • SPAW Treatment ($45): Toe nail trim, bath, ear cleaning, and blowout 

  • Large Quick Bath ($20)

  • Small Quick Bath ($15)

  • Toe Nail Trim ($15)

  • Extra Grooming Fee ($10)

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